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CME Researchers Honored with Team Science Award

(September 2019)

samantha johnson wins award
Samantha Johnson (center) receives a team science award from Dr. Robin Hayes, program manager for EFRCs (left), and Dr. Andy Schwartz, senior technical advisor and team lead of EFRCs (right). Enlarge Image.
samantha johnson and Daniel Martin headshot
Daniel Martin of Yale University (left) and Samantha Johnson of PNNL (right)

CME investigators Daniel Martin (Yale) and Samantha Johnson (PNNL) received a team science award at the 2019 EFRC Principal Investigators' Meeting  in Washington, D.C. in July. They were recognized for emphasizing the complementary roles of experiment and theory in their synergistic research on iron electrocatalysts for reduction of oxygen. They summarized their work in a presentation titled "The Effects of Electrostatics on Small Molecule Binding and Catalysis using a Polycationic Iron Porphyrin." Co-authors included Prof. Jim Mayer (Yale) and Simone Raugei (PNNL).

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Our scientific mission is to establish the fundamental principles needed for efficient interconversion of electrical energy and chemical bonds through precise control of electron and proton transfers.


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