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Interfacial Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials (IDREAM)

Integrated Computational Tools & New Theory Development

Integrated Computational Tools and New Theory Development image

Research objective:

Develop and apply integrated computational approaches at appropriate spatial and temporal scales within and across IDREAM core research thrusts to enable new simulation tools and theories describing solution structure and interfacial dynamics in extreme environments.

Science questions:

  • Using an integrated computational approach, can we advance a new understanding of Al reactivity in alkaline systems of concentrated electrolytes driven by ionizing radiation?

Research progress:

Our integrated approach is shown here; it is structured to facilitate synergy between the computational efforts embedded in each research thrust and the radiation cross-cut. This integration is intended to support the development of new theory that spans spatial and temporal scales.

IDREAM Research Center


Master molecular–to–mesoscale chemical and physical phenomena at interfaces in complex environments characterized by extremes in alkalinity and low-water activity, and driven far from equilibrium by ionizing radiation.

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