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Interfacial Dynamics in Radioactive Environments and Materials (IDREAM)

Leadership Team

Sue Clark
Sue Clark, Director
Aurora Clark
Aurora Clark, Deputy Director - Washington State University

Thrust Leads

Carolyn Pearce
Carolyn Pearce, Research Thrust 1 Lead – Molecular & Solution Processes
Kevin Rosso
Kevin Rosso, Research Thrust 2 Lead – Interfacial Structure & Reactivity
Cross-Cut Thrust 3 Lead – Synthesis & Materials
Jaehun Chun
Jaehun Chun, Research Thrust 3 Lead – Particle Interactions
Greg Kimmel
Greg Kimmel, Cross‑Cut Thrust 1 Lead – Radiolysis & Radiation Dynamics
Greg Schenter
Greg Schenter, Cross-Cut Thrust 2 Lead – Integrated Computational Tools & New Theory Development

Institutional Representatives

Jay La Verne
Jay La Verne, University of Notre Dame
Xiaosong Li
Xiaosong Li, University of Washington
Thomas Orlando
Thomas Orlando, Georgia Institute of Technology
Andrew Stack
Andrew Stack, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

IDREAM Research Center